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The roots of the German brand Schaub Lorenz can be found in the entrepreneurial spirit and visionary mind of Carl Lorenz. Being the first to use steam engines for the industrial production of Morse code apparatuses, the engineer, inventor and founder started the legacy of this iconic brand in 1880.

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Under the name C. Lorenz AG the company grew to be a worldwide pioneer in radio technology in the 1920ies. It was leading the development of wireless communication in all important fields such as airplane navigation, radio broadcasting, telephony or teleprinters. The company developed one of the most advanced cypher machines used for krypted messaging.


Early on The company became pioneering in the history of radio, being the first to take the production of home receivers and other communication products to an industrial level. Right from the start the mission was clear: to make innovative technology affordable for the larger public. 

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technology affordable for everyone

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With the introduction of the “Illustra”, the first 14” color TV in 1952 began the great course of the Schaub Lorenz brand as a leading home entertainment marque. Again the company was at the forefront of innovation developing iconic designs for TV-sets, radios, sound systems and producing one of the first gaming consoles for international markets.

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