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Schaub Lorenz Brand Licenses

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Be successful becoming a Schaub Lorenz Brand Licensee

Become part of the successful SCHAUB LORENZ Brand Family. Manufacturers and Distributors have the unique chance to team up with an iconic German brand. SCHAUB LORENZ is the future of smart technology solutions which are available for anyone.

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Face your competition with a strong Brand

In markets in which competition is increasingly driven by price, a strong brand is becoming a more and more important equity to own. You might have a great product but it will go unnoticed in the battle of discounts without a powerful brand.

Become a leading Brand - not just a Follower

Are you a distributor or manufacturer of electric and electronic household items? Partner with Schaub Lorenz and define your own market strategy in your product category. Lead the developments in your market and do not allow others to write the rules of the game.

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Enjoy Premium Pricing for your Products

Branded products will always catch a higher attention from consumers. Customers are willing to pay a premium price instead of always choosing the cheapest option. Schaub Lorenz offers brand licensees the ability to decide on their own pricing strategy.

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Don’t lose Time and Money building a Brand

Jumpstart your success by becoming part of a brand family with a strong legacy and a dynamic future. In today’s competitive environment and with an overload in information it is a tough and risky endeavour to launch your brand from scratch. The Schaub Lorenz license is your direct ticket to increased sales 

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Join a worldwide Network of Opportunities

Schaub Lorenz licensees all over the world build a network enabling synergies and cooperations. Become part of a great family of partners with enormous potential whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor. Facilitate production and sales relying on strong counterparts.

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Use a Brand with unique Identity and Values

SCHAUB LORENZ is an iconic German brand striving for quality and technological innovation since 1880. Today we are covering a wide range of product categories from household items to high tech and electric mobility

Our Brand is about smart technology solutions for every aspect of daily life and at the same time making them available for everyone


Schaub Lorenz - Simplify Life

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Flexible Licensing Models

Licenses can be given for product classes, product categories or even for single Products. Your specialization and the expected volumes make the partnership commercially viable and economically realistic.

Short Term Licensing Agreements
3-5 Years, renewable, with reasonable pre agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity
(19, 49, 99 Years)

with Royalties paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties

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Flexible Licencing Models
Become a Brand Ambassador

Local markets need local knowledge and connections. Do you think you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador in a specific country or territory? Are you specialized on a specific product category or technology? 


Brand Ambassadors help Schaub Lorenz to adapt to local needs, choosing individually how much they would want to be involved in the actual business or not. An Ambassador ‘opens doors’ for SLI and benefits from any business arising, even if not being operationally involved.  

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Road Map for your License - Simplicity and Transparence

Fill out the form on our web site and get in touch with us, contact our management or a brand ambassador.


Upon request you kindly provide us some information so that we know more about you: 

  • Company Profile

  • Relevant turnovers (last 2-3 Y)

  • Your Company’s story and future plans

  • The products or product categories you would like to license under our Brand

  • The type of relation / agreement you would prefer (short term renewable License, or License in Perpetuity)

  • Your company's After Sale Service Policy

  • an indicative Business Plan, concerning the Schaub Lorenz Products.


Drafting of an Agreement based on the evaluation of the information from Step 2 


Allocation of a Schaub Lorenz Site domain, which remains property of Schaub Lorenz Intl GmbH.


Introduction to Suitable Schaub Lorenz Partners and Sources, where it is applicable



Börsegasse12/1, 1010 Wien, Austria

+44 7785 364419

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