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Brand License + Entry into any Market ... the keys-in-the-hand Approach by Schaub Lorenz

Get started in a foreign Market - easy with a Schaub Lorenz Brand License

Schaub Lorenz International has developed a new concept based on the brand license the company is offering. In a unique package the licensee gets all the tools which are necessary to enter any foreign market in a confident way

Building an ecommerce website

The SLI team is experienced in offering the most advanced ecommerce solutions. Selling online only or in a hybrid model? SLI creates the best model and operation for for any customer.

Creating the Marketing and Product Branding

Through its vast expertise in full service marketing, SLI applies the most cutting edge techniques to get the most out of each advertising spending 

Launch on any Market

Through a vast network of partners worldwide SLI is able to find a way into any market in the best possible way. From the initial research to full market entry.

Creating Logistics and an after Sales Service Network 

SLI will find all those local partners who can offer the services needed to fulfil what the seller promises to the customer. Integration of partners with the sales solution.

The worldwide Network of Opportunities

Schaub Lorenz licensees all over the world build a network enabling synergies and cooperations. Licensees become part of a large family of partners with enormous potential for manufacturers as well as distributors.

Learn more about getting started

The SCHAUB LORENZ team is ready to consult manufacturers and distributors of quality products on how to succeed in markets in over 99 territories all over the world. The services offered go far beyond licensing and include consulting and implementation of modern marketing and sales strategies.

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