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Simply the best Value for Money - Schaub Lorenz wants to set new Standards for Product Quality in the lower Shelf

Consumers find it more and more difficult to cope with everyday life’s expenses with the disposable income they have. What is true for most medium earners is an even harsher reality for lower incomes.

Manufacturers of goods and especially consumer electronics are challenged to meet new expectations the consumers are developing. The quality of a product has to become tangible even in medium low or medium price ranges.

A German Brand with a great Legacy shows the Way

The solution to today's imbalance surely does not lay in isolating oneself from modern reality. It is about finding a balance between real needs and pleasure. It is about re-discovering the values that made the past so pleasant and redefining them in today’s reality.

SCHAUB LORENZ has set itself the goal of letting people breathe again. The legacy brand with the legacy of being always innovative for more than 140-years wants to be the guarantor for offering people a standard of living that they can afford.

In order to make the product choices easier, the well-known SCHAUB LORENZ brand has now launched the “The world is becoming simple again” initiative. The aim is to help the consumer save money and be sure to choose a good product.

Be part of our movement joining as a licensee.

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