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2023 - be as resilient as the German Economy. Get a German Brand License

As Peter Adrian, head of the German Industrial Association (DIHK) has recently stated in an interview the German economy is taking less of a blow form the current crisis than previously expected. This means that although there are some structural problems "Made in Germany" persists once more.

This is the chance for any manufacturer of consumer and household electronics who ha snot yet invested in a brand to get a License for the German marque which is most rooted in German history: Schaub Lorenz International

German brands are know all over the world but if there is one home turf they play very well it is the most important markets on the European continent. Being a known German legacy brand gives manufacturers and distributors of consumer electronics a head start in terms of recognition and trust.

SCHAUB LORENZ has been an iconic German brand since 1880. Today it stands for quality products and smart innovation which are made affordable for anyone. The brand lets you jumpstart your success by becoming part of a family with a strong legacy and a dynamic future.

Learn more about getting started

The SCHAUB LORENZ team is ready to consult manufacturers and distributors of quality products on how to succeed in markets in over 99 territories all over the world. The services offered go far beyond licensing and include consulting and implementation of modern marketing and sales strategies.

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