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Consumers are choosing Values over Price. Known Brands can carry Values!

Despite the difficult times we are living in consumers in Europe are showing a growing preference for brands which take on responsibility and which credibly represent certain important values. They seem to buy less but with a greater conscience.

For Manufacturers and Distributors it is becoming vital communicate such values through their brands. Brands which are well known have an easier game in that. But what about all those brands which have not yet reached the minds of consumers in countries with higher purchasing power? How can they find a suitable vehicle to transport all the values they want to communicate?

The solution can only be found either in a high investment but risky investment into brand building or in adopting a brand which is already known through Licensing. tier to find strategies not to be left out from the potential consumer choices. The only fat is that the losers of this race will be products with little known brands.

A German Brand with a great Legacy is offering Brand Licenses

SCHAUB LORENZ International is offering brand licenses for all categories of consumer electronics and technology products for over 90 territories. The iconic German brand has been established 1880 and has since then been present in every German household, offering the most innovative products of each time. It is the best way for a quality product to land directly in the minds of demanding consumers.

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