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Consumers spending more - buying less ... Don't be left out!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

With prices rising especially in the Eurozone consumers are forced to chose what to buy and on what to save. The trend is clear: Consumers are buying less items and have to spend more for this. The consequences:

a. consumers are reducing purchases they can postpone

b. they become more picky when it comes to choosing a brand

For Manufacturers and Distributors it is becoming vital to find strategies not to be left out from the potential consumer choices. It is clear that the losers of this race will be the product with little known brands. Consumers definitively show a preference towards trusted and known brands

A German Brand with a great Legacy shows the Way

SCHAUB LORENZ has set itself the goal of letting people breathe again. The legacy brand with the legacy of being always innovative for more than 140-years wants to be the guarantor for offering people a standard of living that they can afford.

In order to make the product choices easier, the well-known SCHAUB LORENZ brand has now launched the “The world is becoming simple again” initiative. The aim is to help the consumer save money and be sure to choose a good product.

Be part of our movement joining as a licensee.

Learn more:

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