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Does your Product need Vitamin B (Brand)?

You just know the quality of your technology or innovation product is right. You are great in R&D. Everyone you know tells you that you got it right. Still ... markets are not accepting you, Distributors seem afraid to make a bet on your product range, retail chains would list you but only at the worst of conditions ....

What is wrong? Todays world is very competitive and innumerous manufacturers or distributors are competing for the consumers attention. The choices are few: Brand or Price. The war of price is difficult to win. A brand with recognition costs time and money.

The solution:

Jumpstart the success of your product by using a brand everyone knows, a brand with positive connotation that is well known in most households. SCHAUB LORENZ offers you the most flexible of all brand licensing models. You can choose what suits you best:

Short Term Licensing Agreements

For a duration of 3-5 Years, being renewable and with reasonable pre-agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity

For a duration of 19, 49 or 99 Years. Royalties are paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties

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