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How a known Brand can help your Search Marketing Success

Branding and search engine marketing go hand in hand. Simply put: branding is highly important for search engine marketing. In this way companies can establish themselves as trustable entities being present on search engines like google. Search is the most common starting point for consumers when they look for any product they want to buy.

Creating a Lasting Brand Impression

Having an appearance across search engine results shows that your company is ahead of the competition. The brand authority you create through a search strategy will create beneficial effects on your whole presence on the internet and create traffic to your website which you do not have to pay for.

The solution to having a strong Brand:

Jumpstart the success of your product by using a brand everyone knows, a brand with positive connotation that is well known in most households. SCHAUB LORENZ offers you the most flexible of all brand licensing models. You can choose what suits you best:

Short Term Licensing Agreements

For a duration of 3-5 Years, being renewable and with reasonable pre-agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity

For a duration of 19, 49 or 99 Years. Royalties are paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties



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