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Schaub Lorenz launches “Smart up the world” Initiative

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Why we need to “Smart up the World”?

As advanced technology is entering all aspects of life it has stopped being the privilege of a few, well known brands, who create premium products. This new equality is great on the one hand but has pitfalls on the other: Quality products have a hard time to reach and convince customers in the jungle of competing offerings.

The Initiative

The well known German legacy brand SCHAUB LORENZ International sees this development as an opportunity to create the worldwide quality assurance initiative “Smart up the World”. It offers manufacturers and distributors of quality technology products a branding umbrella under which they can reach out to markets in a more efficient way.

The History of the SCHAUB LORENZ Brand

Having technological innovation in its DNA the brand has been bringing Innovation to every Household since 1880. The roots can be found in the entrepreneurial spirit and visionary mind of Carl Lorenz who was the first to use steam engines for the industrial production of Morse code apparatuses.

The company grew to be a worldwide pioneer in radio technology in the 1920ies. It was leading the development of wireless communication in airplane navigation, radio broadcasting, telephony or teleprinters. The company developed one of the most advanced cypher machines used for krypted messaging. SCHAUB LORENZ was the first to take the production of home receivers and other communication products to an industrial level. With the introduction of the “Illustra”, the first 14” color TV in 1952 began the great journey as a leading home entertainment marque. Iconic designs for TV-sets, radios, sound systems followed and even one of the first gaming consoles for international markets.

Right from the start the brand's mission has been clear: Make innovative technology affordable for everyone.

The goals of the “Smart up the World” Initiative

SCHAUB LORENZ wants to make quality and innovation affordable for everyone. This is why it invites manufacturers and distributors to join in on the initiative “Smart up the World”. Partners are asked to help us to bring smart technology to every household. The common effort will make it easier for consumers to choose advanced products at affordable prices.

The innovative Licencing Concept Licensing partners can simply jumpstart their success by affiliating themselves with the powerful SCHAUB LORENZ brand. They can choose between short term and perpetual licences which can be fully adapted to their needs. SCHAUB LORENZ licensees all over the world start building a network enabling synergies and cooperations..

The smart Services Concept Beyond licensing partnerships SCHAUB LORENZ does also offer suite of services which are able to fuel the development of each partner. The brand offers licensees valuable consulting and implementation support which will help you to use our brand in the best possible way. The offer goes from brand positioning to Marketing, design guidelines, after sales service. Support in the creation of powerful websites and ecommerce platforms is completed by highly effective digital marketing strategies

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