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SCHAUB LORENZ - The Story of a surprising German Heritage Brand

We all know the warm feeling of stumbling over a once familiar image or story, a memory from the past. The same goes for Brands which were part of our life in younger years.

Surprise sets in when we discover that the specific brand is finding a new life in recent days and that it still stands for the same ideals which it has always been standing for.

Such is the case for Schaub Lorenz, the German heritage brand. Once popular in every household for its iconic products such as radio receivers or high quality TV sets it went on to bring innovation to a series of electric household goods. Schaub Lorenz used to be the biggest German Brand of its kind well known far beyond the country's borders.

The roots of the German brand Schaub Lorenz can be found in the entrepreneurial spirit and visionary mind of Carl Lorenz. Being the first to use steam engines for the industrial production of Morse code apparatuses, the engineer, inventor and founder started the legacy of this iconic brand in 1880.

Early on The company became pioneering in the history of radio, being the first to take the production of home receivers and other communication products to an industrial level. Right from the start the mission was clear: to make innovative technology affordable for the larger public.

Finding a new Life as Licensing Brand

SCHAUB LORENZ International is now offering Distributors and Manufacturers of home electrics and other electronic products a new way to quickly overtake their competition. The company is offering a smart Licensing model, which helps companies to easily acquire the needed brand awareness.

Flexible Licensing Models

Licences can be given for product classes, product categories or even for single Products. Your specialisation and the expected volumes make the partnership commercially viable and economically realistic.

Short Term Licensing Agreements 3-5 Years, renewable, with reasonable pre agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity (19, 49, 99 Years) with Royalties paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties

The importance of strong Branding

In markets in which competition is increasingly driven by price, a strong brand is becoming a more and more important equity to own. A company might have a great product but it will go unnoticed in the battle of discounts without a powerful brand.

Today companies can jumpstart their success by becoming part of a brand family with a strong legacy and a dynamic future. In today’s competitive environment and with an overload in information it is a tough and risky endeavour to launch your brand from scratch. The Schaub Lorenz licence cuts the road to increased sales

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