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Take off with your international Branding Strategy - use a German License

Is the one thing that you always feel is missing from your overall strategy a strong brand? You feel strong about your product but you do not have the standing to implement your goals? The fast track to brand recognition is a brand license with a well known established brand.

SCHAUB LORENZ International offers brand licenses for home electronics and technology products in over 90 territories worldwide.

If you are a manufacturer or a distributor you now have the unique chance to team up with this iconic German brand. But SCHAUB LORENZ also looks at the future of smart technology and has a vision: to make it available for anyone in this world.

Learn more about getting started

The SCHAUB LORENZ team is ready to consult manufacturers and distributors of quality products on how to succeed in markets in over 99 territories all over the world. The services offered go far beyond licensing and include consulting and implementation of modern marketing and sales strategies.

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