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The fast track to Branding and international Success

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

You have a good product or product range of home electronics? You are successful in your own market. You would like to expand but a fear is holding you back? is it the fear of not being able to compete on an international market not having a strong brand?

Todays world is very competitive and innumerous manufacturers or distributors are competing for the consumers attention. The choices are few: Brand or Price. The war of price is difficult to win. A brand with recognition costs time and money.

Jumpstart the success of your product by using a brand everyone knows, a brand with positive connotation that is well known in most households. SCHAUB LORENZ offers you the most flexible of all brand licensing models. You can choose what suits you best:

Short Term Licensing Agreements

For a duration of 3-5 Years, being renewable and with reasonable pre-agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity

For a duration of 19, 49 or 99 Years. Royalties are paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties

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