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The Schaub Lorenz Brand License for multiple Product Categories

Differently than other Brand Licenses which are available Schaub Lorenz is can be used to brand about 20 product categories in consumer and household electronics. The Brand can also me used for innovative categories such as renewables or electric mobility.

Invest in own branding or in brand licensing?

Investments into Branding take time and always bare major risks. The smart move is to relay on investments which have been done by others. The results are proven and cannot be put into question. A Brand License from well known brand is the easy way to reach the hearts and minds on consumers who are familiar with this brand.

In the case of Schaub Lorenz International the brand looks back on a history of over 140 years. it has been a major player not only in Germany but in many other countries, especially Europe.

SCHAUB LORENZ International has a limited number of brand licenses to offer for some product classes of consumer electronics. The iconic German brand has been established 1880 and has since then been present in every German household, offering the most innovative products of each time. It is the best way for a quality product to land directly in the hearts of German consumers.

Manufacturers and distributors in this popular industry can choose among various licensing options in order to gain much desired access to the huge German market. The company’s team is ready to discuss with applicants and to find customized solutions.

Learn more about getting started

The SCHAUB LORENZ team is ready to consult manufacturers and distributors of quality products on how to succeed in markets in over 99 territories all over the world. The services offered go far beyond licensing and include consulting and implementation of modern marketing and sales strategies.

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