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The Smart Licensing Program by SCHAUB LORENZ - A Smart Choice for Brand Licensees

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Without a doubt brand licensing is a perfect choice for distributors or manufacturers who do not have a brand with high recognition. But how easy is the choice of the right brand? In the sector of home electronics and other electrical products there are a very few choices of well known global brands. SCHAUB LORENZ International is clearly positioned in this category and is offering a number of advantages.

The brand relies on over 140 years of trust into a globally known German brand which stands for innovation and German standards. In contrast to other brand licenses, SCHAUB LORENZ does not focus on one or few categories but fits with nearly every product in the sector. The reason is that this brand stands for the innovative and qualitative core of the product rather than the category.

Flexibility in creating smart Licensing Models

SCHAUB LORENZ has developed a system which gives every licensee the maximum flexibility to choose the model that best fits the given situation and market penetration. Licenses can be given for product classes, product categories or even for single Products. Specialization and the expected volumes make the partnership commercially viable and economically realistic.

SLI is offering two main licensing models which can be adapted in various ways:

Short Term Licensing Agreements

For a duration of 3-5 Years, being renewable and with reasonable pre-agreed indexation increases.

Licensing in Perpetuity

For a duration of 19, 49 or 99 Years. Royalties are paid in advance for the Period, with substantial discount, which resembles a Sale, rather that Licensing and annual Royalties

The SCHAUB LORENZ brand applies to at least 19 product categories and is available in 92 Territories. It addresses manufacturers as well as distributors. Licenses can be used for the same territory or for export into any available market


The fact that Schaub Lorenz is related with Technology generally and not to specific Product categories, is maintained and promoted. Remarkable success has already been recorded in many product categories: from Consumer Electronics, to Electric Vehicles and from White Goods to Air conditioners and Home Automation etc.

A Smart system, coordinating interests and facilitating cooperation(s) among SCHAUB LORENZ Partners, passing information for new products and sales opportunities functions at the benefit of the Licensees.

The “Smart up the World” Initiative

SCHAUB LORENZ wants to make quality and innovation affordable for everyone. This is why it invites manufacturers and distributors to join in on the initiative “Smart up the World”. Partners are asked to help us to bring smart technology to every household. The common effort will make it easier for consumers to choose advanced products at affordable prices.

The smart Services Concept

Beyond licensing partnerships, SCHAUB LORENZ also offers a suite of services which are able to fuel the development of each partner. The brand offers licensees valuable consulting and implementation support which will help you to use our brand in the best possible way. The offer goes from brand positioning to Marketing, design guidelines and after-sales service. Support in the creation of powerful websites and ecommerce platforms is completed by highly effective digital marketing strategies

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