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Want to win Time to Market? Get a Brand License for your Technology Products.

Developing a new brand from scratch is time-consuming and costly. Licensing an existing brand allows the licensee to enter the market faster and start selling products or services immediately.

Technology products such as as home electronics are among the hardest markets to penetrate today due to the constant proliferation of new entrants.

How to gain speed in entering any market

Creating your own branding takes time and always bares major risks. The smart move is to leapfrog time by taking advantage of what has been accomplished by others. Using a license from a well known brand is the fast way to conquer a market. Schaub Lorenz International is looking back on a history of over 140 years. It has a major impact not only in Germany but in many other countries, especially in Europe.

Enjoy the flexibility of a brand with multiple categories

Differently than other Brand Licenses which are available Schaub Lorenz is can be used to brand about 20 product categories in consumer and household electronics. The Brand can also be used for innovative categories such as renewables or electric mobility.

Learn more about getting started

The SCHAUB LORENZ team is ready to consult manufacturers and distributors of quality products on how to succeed in markets in over 99 territories all over the world. The services offered go far beyond licensing and include consulting and implementation of modern marketing and sales strategies.

To get in touch with SCHAUb LORENZ International fill out a contact form today

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